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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "Under The Covers" - 1CD

Smashing Pumpkins
Under the Covers

Artwork included.

lineage: Silver CD>EAC>WAV>FLAC


1. rock on - david essex
2. once in a lifetime - talking heads
3. all the young dudes - mott the hoople
4. the jean genie - david bowie
5. baby loves to rock - cheap trick
6. if you want my love - cheap trick
7. auf wiedersehen - cheap trick
8. girl called sandoz - animals
9. nightboat - duran duran
10. transmission - joy division
11. stay - u2
12. dancing in the moonlight - thin lizzy
13. join together - who
14. never let me down again - depeche mode
15. godzilla - blue öyster cult
16. out of focus - blue cheer
17. the beautiful people - marilyn manson
18. boy's don't cry - cure
19. rudolph the red nosed reindeer - christmas carol
20. let's dance - david bowie

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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "Turpentine Kisses" - 1CD - live 1995-1996 soundboard - acoustic & electric collection



Silver CD > Exact Audio Copy v0.99 prebeta 5 - WAV > Trader's Little Helper v2.5.0 (Build 164) - FLAC (@ Level 8 & Tested)

1  Tonight, Tonight
2  1979
3  Cupid de Locke
4  Thirty-three
5  Take Me Down
6  Bullet With Butterfly Wings
7  To Forgive
8  Muzzle
9  Today
10 Disarm
11 Bullet With Butterfly Wings
12 Siva
13 Mayonaise
14 Cherub Rock

Label:       Kiss The Stone
ID:          KTS 531
Tracks 1-8:  1996/03/13 - Triple J Studios, Sydney, AU - Soundboard, Acoustic
Tracks 9-14: 1995/08/25 - Reading Festival, Berkshire, UK - Soundboard, Electric

Duration: 0.58.48


Ripped direct from the disc, with logfiles included.

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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "The 'SP' and 'Moon' Demo Tapes" - 1CD

Tracks 1-6 were also removed, they have been officially re-released on Pisces Iscariot Deluxe



Digitally Remastered

Trader's Little Helper v2.2.2 Build 152 (Level 8) & via flac.exe v1.2.1

1  Jennifer Ever
2  East
3  Nothing And Everything
4  Sun (Remix)
5  Sun (Live)
6  Spiteface

7  Honeyspider (Alternate)
8  With You
9  Egg
10 Rhinoceros (Alternate)
11 Bye June
12 Stars Fall In
13 Daughter
14 Daydream
15 Psychodelic
16 Spoken #1
17 Spoken #2
18 Spoken #3
19 Spoken #4


20 Siva
21 Girl Named Sandoz
22 Smiley

Label: N/A

Notes: Ripped direct from the disc, with a logfile included.


Tracks 1 - 6 is the self-released tape named "The Smashing Pumpkins" and was sold at early shows. Released 1989/03/28 (USA). 500 cassettes were produced and featured white paper, j-card and hand-written labels.

Tracks 7 - 19 is the self-released tape named "Moon" and was sold at early shows. Released in 1989 (USA). 500 cassettes were produced and featured white paper, j-card and hand-written labels.

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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "Thank You For Participating" - 2CD - live Rotterdam 1996


"Thank You For Participating"

SILVER CDs > EAC (v0.99 prebeta 4) - WAV > FLAC:
Trader's Little Helper v2.2.2 Build 152, via flac.exe v1.2.1 (@ Level 8 & Tested)

Disc I:

1  Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
2  Tonight, Tonight
3  Zero
4  Fuck You
5  Here Is No Why
6  To Forgive
7  Bullet With Butterfly Wings
8  Thru The Eyes Of Ruby
9  Disarm
10 Thirty-Three
11 Today
12 Muzzle
13 Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
14 Geek U.S.A.
15 Cherub Rock

Disc II:

1  1979
2  X.Y.U.
3  Mayonaise
4  Jellybelly
5  Silverfuck

6  Where Boys Fear To Tread
7  Zero
8  Disarm
9  Galapogos
10 Cherub Rock (try-out)
11 Cherub Rock
12 1979
13 Muzzle
14 Mayonaise
15 Farewell And Goodnight

Label:        (None)
ID:           BCCD 78652-2500-2
Disc I: 1-15: 1996/04/03 - Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL - Audience, Electric
Disc II: 1-5: 1996/04/03 - Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL - Audience, Electric
Tracks 6-15:  1996/04/05 - Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL - Audience, Electric


Disc I:  1.12.02
Disc II: 1.14.29

Notes: Ripped direct from the discs, with logfiles included. On disc I track 15's not listed on the back insert. The following inaccuracies are present for disc II: Track 3's mis-labelled as 'Mayonnaise,'track 9's mis-labelled as 'Galapagos,' track 10's only the guitar riff intro to 'Cherub Rock' and track 14's mis-labelled as 'Mayonnaise.'

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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "Sounds of Turnips" - 1CD - outtakes

Sounds of Turnips


  1. Honeyspider
  2. (spoken)
  3. With You
  4. Egg
  5. (spoken)
  6. Rhinoceros
  7. Stars Fall In
  8. Daughter
  9. (spoken)
 10. Daydream
 11. (spoken)
 12. Psychodelic
 13. My Dahlia ** removed - from an official release **
 14. Sun ** removed - from an official release **
 15. Snap
 16. Love (old demo)
 17. East (alternate)
 18. Waiting (old demo)
 19. C'mon

Label:          Turnip Records
Track info:     Tracks 1-12:   Moon Demo - studio, electric
Tracks 13-14:   - studio, electric
Tracks 15-17, 19:   1989 - Reel Time Studios - studio, electric
Track 18:   1989 - Reel Time Studios (acoustic session) - studio, acoustic
Length:     00:59:18

Tracks 6 and 10 are not the Gish versions, but earlier demos. The 4 Spoken sections are presented in Spanish on the disc, and translated into English below.

Spoken #1: I always wonder, who am I? Why do I do it? I don't know. It's because there's no other way. Sometimes I ask God and he answers. The simple answer for simple questions.

That's how I see God. As a question.

Spoken #2: My sacred heart. I speak of my heart as if it were an entity seperate from me. I think the same thing about pain. It's like an evil spirit outside of me that's always with me. The pain that I feel is like a weight that guides me. There's no way to destroy it. It's my eternal opera.

Spoken #3: I want to triumph over you. I want respect. I want it all. God will help me to help myself. I don't know. Dreams and wishes become reality. Peace and love for humanity.

Spoken #4: The surreal and suspect dream -- I want to clearly remember it, but I can't. The dream lives in me. My desires control me. My thoughts follow. What is it that stops me from killing, from thinking, from recognizing my destiny? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "Reel Time Sessions 1989" - 2CD - remaster

**Remastered** by thir13en

Smashing Pumpkins
Reel Time Sessions

I've done parts here and there, but I've heard many requests for the whole thing. Now it's fresh!

Some of these were really nice recordings and decent versions of some cool tunes. The mixes are rough and probably thrown together in a rather efficient (translation: money saving) procedure. Balance was an issue on nearly every song, and each one was predictable to be either heavy left or heavy right. And many songs had huge leaps in disparity between certain instruments and ultimate peak levels.

But what was interesting was to see how they reacted to the mastering process. In A-B comps, the midrange, or real meat of the guitars just jumped out on the remaster. So much so that I would often go through my settings to see if anything was adding that in an overzealous artifical manner. I found nothing really, as I hardly boosted the mid's at all. It's just that when I did the basic mastering compression and maximization, that's what wanted to really jump out, and my ears just loved it. Made quite a difference in the power and emotion of many of the songs.

As tempting as it was to edit out the giggling, the banter, the noisy intro-outro of songs, etc, I decided to leave it alone, but that was after I had already given "Fat Man Blues (abandoned)" it's own track, so that edit remains an anomaly to this version.

01. Egg
02. Bury Me
03. Bye June
04. Cinamon Girl
05. C'mon
06. Daughter
07. Daughter (extended)
08. Daydream
09. East (alt)
10. Honey Spider
11. Honey Spider (alt)
12. Honey Spider (alt lite)
13. I am One
14. Love
15. Not Worth Asking
16. Psychodelic
17. Rhinoceros
18. Rhinoceros (alt)
19. Snap
20. Stars Fall In
21. With You
22. Waiting for you Now
23. Fat Man Blues (abandoned)
24  Fat Man Blues (1st Half)
25. Fat Man Blues (2nd half)
26. Bleed (2 false starts)
27. She (2 false starts)
28. Vanilla
29. My Dahlia (2 teases)
30. Waiting
31. Sun
32. Stray Cat Blues
33. I Am One Pt.II
34. My Dahlia ('88) *removed - same version as on Light Into Dark*
35. Sun ('88) *removed - same version as on Light Into Dark*

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FLAC - Smashing Pumpkins "Quiet and Other Songs" - 2CD - Fall 1992 outtakes - remaster

*a thir13en Remaster*

The "album" version, lovingly declicked and mischievously tinkered, bleeding loud 'n rocking proud.

Each nasty snap, crackle and pop was sought, targeted and eliminated by hand. At difficult spots, a second process involving automated plug-in thresholds helped to further control the wave-form anamolies.

Why do it by hand rather than a "cleaning" plug-in? Because although the count of pops was easily near or just over a hundred, all totaled those noises add up to less than 1 second of actual audio. Processing everything would cut off natural peaks of the drums, vocal stabs and guitar attacks, causing possible "stuttering" among other unwanted nuances. This way those stay pure.

The secondary process was used on about 10% of the pops, where the hand-pasted fix didn't work or needed more help. It involves strapping the Waves X-Click plug-in to the master output, then setting the de-click threshold to kick in precisely at the bad pop spots. It safely kills anything left.

On a few occaisions, the pops were generated by thumps in the recording. The pops are gone, but the thumps remain. I don't recall exactly all of them, but there's at least 3 obivous spots where this occurs.

The mischief begins with some light de-hiss, sound-printed from the surface noise. Then EQ tweaks and channel balancing (Waves ReQ), the mastering compression (Waves R-comp), the low-end warmth and detail of the BBE, and the finishing touches with the Waves L3. It's slammin'. Hard.

Sources used were the single file whole-sides. No edits (except for the 46 seconds of nothing on the front end of side 1, and 20 some seconds of nothing at the end of side 2).

Splits were made at what seemed the most reasonable point pertaining to each song.

Rock out, peace on,


Fall 1992 - Chicago Studio [?]

Disc 1:

01. Quiet
02. Hello Kitty Kat (Kitty Kat)
03. Cherub Rock
04. Geek U.S.A. (Suicide Kiss)
05. Today
06. Disarm
07. Rocket
08. Spaceboy
09. Set the Ray to Jerry
10. Soma

Disc 2:

01. Whir (Whirl)
02. Meladori Magpie (Doorstep)
03. Pissant
04. Tulips
05. Blew Away
06. French Movie Theme
07. Hummer
08. Frail and Bedazzled
09. Glynis
10. She Says
11. Sweet Sweet
12. Mayonaise

This session resulted in a tape of Siamese Dream demos submitted to Virgin Records in 1992, called: "Quiet and Other Songs: A Collection of Songs for Album II."
Doorstep is an early version of Meladori Magpie and featured a full-band arrangement.
Suicide Kiss evolved into Geek USA.
Hello Kitty Kat was at this time simply titled Kitty Kat.
Set the Ray to Jerry is an early version of the song, full band electric, with a faster tempo and more aggresive sound.

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